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Details Impious-Sacrilege

Verminous: Impious Sacrilege CD - CD Album, herausgegeben 2003 in Spanien von Xtreem Music (XM 008 CD), Barcode: 8402003060074 -- Genre: Heavy Metal -- Death Metal

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Details SPQR-III-The-Sacrilege-Spqr-3-Band-3

Spqr III: The Sacrilege When a sacret woman's rite in the ancient city of Rome is infiltrated by a corrupt patrician dressed in female garb, it falls to Senator Decuis Caecilius Metellus the Younger, whose investigative skills have proven ...

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Details Sinners-on-Trial-Jews-and-Sacrilege-after-the-Reformation

Sinners on Trial Criminal law became a key tool in the effort to legitimize Church authority in post-Reformation Poland. Recounting dramatic stories of torture, trial, and punishment involving Christians and Jews, this is the first book to consider ...